Primary Teachers

Pumpkin Patch & Dairy Farm Tour

In early October, grade 4 students from Richard Bulpitt Elementary got to experience a great day of farm life at Eagle Acres. Our day started with a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch field, where students were able to select their own pumpkins to take home for the holiday. Afterward, we headed back indoors to play with some new-born farm animals before taking a quick ice-cream break, served by the farmers themselves, Brian and Erin Anderson! Our students were simply over-joyed to be able to pet puppies, kittens, and bunny rabbits. Next, students participated in a dairy presentation where they learned about the different kinds of dairy cows and how milk and butter is created. They then were able to take turns churning butter and milking a cow! Our students were completely WOWED by the day at Eagle Acres – what an opportunity it was to take students’ learning outdoors.

Big thanks to the Andersons for hosting out students!

~Danna Jensen,
Richard Bulpitt Elementary

My  Grade 2 classes have enjoyed visiting Eagle Acres Dairy Farm for several years as a part of our Community theme. Brian and Erin provide an educational tour of the farm.  The children really  enjoy learning about  the importance of the dairy farm in our community. One of the most exciting parts of the trip is when each student gets to milk a cow.  Eagle Acres is an awesome farm to visit and a fantastic field trip!

~Mrs. Betty Anne
Williams Grade 2 Teacher
Pacific Academy

Intermediate Teacher

I have organized field trips to Eagle Acres for at least ten years.
Without hesitation, I can say it is the best venue for students to have a real
experience on what a farm can be. I grew up on a farm and this is the real deal.
It is so impressive what Brian and Erin do to allow students to have a meaningful
and memorable learning experience. From learning the dairy operation, milking a
cow, seeing the other animals and the hayride, my classes have had many fond and
eventful memories. Many parents have told me this has been the “best field trip
they have been on” and of how excited their children are after this field trip.
It is one of the few field trips I have planned where children request to go a
second year.
The Anderson’s have obviously put a lot of time and
effort into providing a realistic but educational setting for students. This is
not a petting zoo but a real working farm. As our farm land in the lower
mainland is becoming under threat by so much development, this is an opportunity
for students, of all ages, to develop an appreciation of the importance of how
our food is produced and the wonderful experience of living on a working
Without doubt, this is one of the most valuable learning
experiences, in any unit of study, that is available in the Lower

~Lee Hunter
Grade 4/5 Teacher
Dixon Elementary

High School Teacher

The kids had a blast! We took our secondary school students and they enjoyed the hay ride and searching for their pumpkins. I also appreciated the educational piece on how a seed turns into a pumpkin!

The students also liked the animals around the farm and had a great time petting them.

Overall a great experience and I would definitely recommend Eagle Acres to other school groups of any age!

~Andrea Henriquez
Lee High School

jasmineGroup Tour

My co-worker Tim and I had the opportunity to take our after school YOUCAN Program on a Saturday outing to the Eagle Acres Dairy Farm! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both Brian and Erin for the great program presentation. Our students enjoyed the structure of the program and the engaging activities! We had a group of 40 students and Brian and Erin managed the group and their energy level well! This outing was a great experience and we will be keeping the program in mind for future year activities! A trip to the dairy farm is very educational and fun for the students! Highly recommend it!

~Jasmine Kaur

Seniors Tour

Just want to say how much we all enjoyed your tour of the Dairy at Eagle Acres.  We all came back saying that this was the BEST tour we have ever experienced.  Your way of presenting and the way it is all laid out so easily for the residents was amazing!!  The way you allowed the residents to get up close and personal with all of the aspects of the farm was fabulous!!.  They talked about the trip for days after and bragged about it with others.  Thanks so much for your caring and thoughtful presentation.  We will definitely be back!!

~Sincerely Carol Wittal
‘The Harrison Retirement Living’


Family Tour

Love this place…and the family that runs it! You guys do an awesome job promoting the BC Dairy Industry! ♥

~Shelagh Niblock