SaFarmi Drive-Thru

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, in mid-April we adapted our farm to provide the SaFarmi Drive-Thru experience.  It’s a family solution to a Covid safe outing.  

Last vehicle entrance 5 minutes prior to closing time.

$10 per vehicle – Tap (Credit/Debit) – Anytime during our posted open hours!

Friday July 10, 10 – 1

Saturday July 11, 11 – 2

Sunday July 12, 12 – 3

More dates – TBA

Due to popular demand, we are continuously adding more dates and times the SaFarmi Tour will be offered. As many of the animals get moved outdoors we are trying to select good weather days while also selecting dates and times that work with our regular dairy farming schedule.

EA Barn Front

Eagle Acres main barn


SaFarmi Drive-Thru

Sophie watching the Goldfish!



We have over 200 animals from 9 species to visit. Cows, calves, pony, pigs, goats, sheep, bunnies, kittens, chickens and R2D2 the milking robot.  Plus visit our Pumpkin Patch in October!

The Anderson’s