Corn Maze 2024

The fields are still too cold for planting the corn but our minds are warming up to create another great corn maze for this year!!
We will keep you informed.
Below is an aerial view of the 2023 Corn Maze.

Our 2023 Corn Maze was designed with families in mind! This corn was planted on May 20th and was one metre tall on June 20th when we cut the maze. On August 5th when we opened, the corn maze exceeded 4 metres in height!!

A visit to our Corn Maze includes a chance to visit with the outside animals, chatter with the chickens & sheep and stroll through the barns to visit over 200 animals of 9 different common farm animal types. Try your hand at feeding the cows and then enjoy a covered hayride to & from the corn maze! Watch how the cows milk in R2D2 the milking robot and then head out to pasture.
This 3 acre corn maze is considered easy to moderate.

Not into Mazes? Tickets are available for just the Summer Safarmi Stroll!

Advance Tickets

Well, this message didn’t quite happen! But…. we had a very enjoyable summer 2021 and saw so many families enjoy this corn maze. The corn maze was harvested for our cows food on the afternoon of September 25th. We are happy you enjoyed the maze.