Corn Maze

Reopens August 2023


Our 2022 Corn Maze was a little more challenging than 2021 and with the great summer and fall weather families enjoyed the challenge! On September 24, 2022 the maze was all harvested for the cows dinner over the next year.
Thank you to all who came out and visited us this summer.

Our SaFarmi Stroll is reminiscent of our Covid Drive-Thru days, except you can linger longer and visit the SaFarmi animals on foot! Wander around the outside animals, chatter with the chickens, stroll through the barns to visit over 200 animals of 9 different common farm species. You and your family can try your hand at feeding the cows and then enjoy a covered hayride around the pumpkin and corn fields! Watch how the cows milk in the robot and head out to pasture.
Take the time with your family and friends to enjoy our 2022 Corn Maze. This easy to moderate 3 acre maze is designed with families in mind. We will be revealing the image of the 2022 Corn Maze soon!

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Last year’s message didn’t quite happen! But…. we had a very enjoyable summer 2021 and saw so many families enjoy our corn maze. The corn maze was harvested for our cows food on the afternoon of September 25th. We are happy you enjoyed the maze.