Read-along Safarmi Tour

$10 per vehicle – Tap (Credit/Debit) – Anytime during our posted open hours!

Due to popular demand, we are continuously adding more dates and times the SaFarmi Tour will be offered. As many of the animals get moved outdoors we are trying to select good weather days while also selecting dates and times that work with our regular dairy farming schedule.

We’ve adapted our farm to give you and your family a chance to come and see our animals and enjoy a Drive-Thru experience. Visit all of our animals and take in the great views, smells, and sounds as you drive slowly around the farm and through the barn.

This tour experience Does Not permit any guests to get out of their vehicles BUT, you can get out of your house! Our washrooms will not be available during your visit – Plan accordingly.

During your visit read along about the animals and the farm here at Eagle Acres.

Friday May 29, 6 – 8:30 (Sunset)

Saturday May 30, 11 – 3

Sunday May 31, 12 – 4

Monday June 1, 11 – 2

Tuesday June 2, 11 – 2

Wednesday June 3, Closed

Thursday June 4, 11 – 2

June 5-8, Closed

More dates – TBA